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120/240 VAC 30 amp time delay

This is a 2 second time delay. I use the same type of time delay in both of my home brew HF amps. This keeps the relay contacts from pitting and welding themselves together. The relay contacts are rated at 30 amps.

It takes 120 VAC to trigger the relays. Without reconfiguring any wires on the board, this can be wire for a 120 VAC line or a 240 VAC line. The contacts on the right are for 120 VAC, the contacts on the left could either be AC common for a 120 VAC configuration or use these contacts for 120 VAC as for a 240 volt configuration.

Price is $60 with free shipping.  

Yaesu MH-59 A8J hand mic for the FT 857 and FT 897 series radios. This mic was used one time so it's as close to new as one can get. The price is $55 shipped to your door via USPS priority mail. 

Bill Orr's  (W6SAI)  Radio Handbook, Twenty-Second Edition.

If you want to learn how to build a tube type RF amplifier, you need this book. It's the amplifier builder's bible.   Whatever you need to know about building tube amps and HV power supplies, this is probably the best book you will ever have on hand. The book is not limited to just amplifiers. It does cover many other areas of the ham radio hobby.

Price is $15 plus $10 flat rate UPSP shipping.

10K at 200 watt load resistors

Four each 10 K at 200 watts load resistors. Four of these in series are perfect for a high voltage power supply.

$50 for all four which includes shipping via USPS medium flat rate box.


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