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High Voltage power supply filter capacitor


I have a 34 uf at 5.1 kv capacitor which would make a great filter capacitor for your home brew power supply. It comes with its own bleeder resistor. It's 7.5" x 3" x 2"

    Price, which includes shipping is $125, USA only.

Yaesu MH-59 A8J hand mic for the FT 857 and FT 897 series radios. This mic was used one time so it's as close to new as one can get. The price is $55 shipped to your door via USPS priority mail. 

10K at 200 watt load resistors

Four each 10 K at 200 watts load resistors. Four of these in series are perfect for a high voltage power supply.

$50 for all four which includes shipping via USPS medium flat rate box.


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