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High Voltage power supply filter capacitor


I have a 34 uf at 5.1 kv capacitor which would make a great filter capacitor for your home brew power supply. It comes with its own bleeder resistor. It's 7.5" x 3" x 2"

    Price, which includes shipping is $125, USA only.

Kenwood TS480SAT

I am selling my Kenwood TS 480 SAT (SAT=Built in ATU).

This radio has the optional 500 hz CW filter, optional 270 hz CW filter and the optional digital voice recorder. 

The radio is in excellent condition as I take care of all of my equipment. No mods which means it’s not modified to transmit out of band. 

The price for the radio is $725 plus shipping if needed.

If you are local and pick up the radio from this location, I will add the following for FREE;

Hustler fold over mobile mast

A 6 meter mobile antenna

10 meter Hustler low power resonantor

15, 20 and 40 meter modified now high performance Hustler resonators.

These three resonators have a higher Q coil, heavier wire on the coil and are longer in length. These will far out perform the standard Hustler resonators and offer a broader bandwidth.

SARK 110 Antenna Analyzer

Selling my SARK 110 high end antenna analyzer. This is one of the few, if any, antenna analyzers that can sample with up to 10,000 sampling points as a stand alone unit. This is needed for highy accurate reading in sweeping over a wide frequency range, like when you sweep a 160 meter off center fed antenna.

OSL calibration is a way to cancel out your transmission line so you can take a reading at the feed point of the antenna while standing on the ground or in your shack. You can save numerous OSL calibration settings to its on board memory.

Frequency range is 100 kilo hertz to 230 mega hertz.

The SARK also has a built in signal generator for checking your radio to see if your radio complies with 50 mico volts equals an S 9 signal strength meter reading.

Price is $225 which includes shipping to your door, USA only.

The features this unit provides are too numerous to mention here. The manual with specs is here:

Included with the analyzer is a CD with the manual, numerous firmware files to choose from, USB charging and computer cable and Sark Plots computer software for controlling the SARK from the computer. Also numerous cables for connecting the antenna or DUT to the analyzer.

Yaesu MH-59 A8J hand mic for the FT 857 and FT 897 series radios. This mic was used one time so it's as close to new as one can get. The price is $55 shipped to your door via USPS priority mail. 

10K at 200 watt load resistors

Four each 10 K at 200 watts load resistors. Four of these in series are perfect for a high voltage power supply.

$50 for all four which includes shipping via USPS medium flat rate box.


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