Product Reviews

Yaesu FT 897D
I found the Yaesu FT 897D to be a great little, "one radio do all" for portable operating. The current drain, for a rig in the 100 watt category, is fairly low. This is a nice feature when one wants to operate off of a battery for an extended period of time.

MFJ 929 automatic antenna tuner (200 watts)
The final RF transistors in today's solid state radios are protected from too high of an SWR value. Most of today's SS radios start to fold back the output power once the radio sees an SWR value of 1.5 to 1. The only way to overcome this and have the radio put out it's maximun power is to get the SWR value down so the rig goes back into its normal state of operation. A tuner is usually needed. Also, some of the tuners used in today's radios are not very broadbanded. Hence the reason for an external tuner.

SARK 110 vs Rig Expert AA-600 antenna analyzer
I think both of the these antenna analyzers are top shelf analyzing tools. They pretty much give the same results, but have their pro's and con's. The SARK 110 is tiny enough to fit in your shirt pocket which can be a big plus. The AA-600 is super simple to operate, not that the SARK is all that hard. 

MFJ 223 antenna analyzer video: