Parks on the Air

Parks on the Air at Pocono State Park on top of Camelback Mountain. Elevation: 2100 feet.  24 May 2023.  Park K-1333

The radio is a KX3 at 10 watts out, 28 foot mast and the antenna was an off center fed 40. The station was set up on the summit of the mountain. It does not qualify as a SOTA location due to the fact that you can drive to the summit. But, it does qualify as a POTA station. 

The canopy is at a tilt due to the fact it was a windy day. I had to tilt the canopy so the wind would not blow it away.

Nice view from 2100 feet

Jacobsburg Park near Nazareth, PA  16 August 2022.  Park K-4358

The radio is the KX3 at 10 watts out and the antenna is a half wave end fed cut for 40 meters about 20 feet high. 

Transportation provided by my Kawasaki ZRX1200

Lake Nockamixon, Buchs County. 22 June 2023 Park K-1391

Elecraft KX2 at 10 watts out. The antenna was an off center fed 40 around 25 feet high. Joined by NB3R. Dave erected a PAC-12 multi band vertical antenna with numerous ground radials. 

PAC-12 vertical with 6 ground radials.

Lake Nockamixon, Buchs County. 13 Aug 2023 Park K-1391...A return trip.

Today I used my FT-991A at 40 watts out. The vertical on the left hand side of the van is 24 feet long and is resonant on 40 meters. I can cover the entire 40 meter band and stay under 2 to 1 SWR. On the right hand side of the van is my 20 meter vertical and is about 12 feet long.

Above video was a return trip to park K-1391 on 4 October 2023

Hickory Run State Park, Albrightsville, PA, 27 July 2023   Park K-1359

Left - KU3X running a KX2 at 10 watts out with an Off Center Fed 40 meter antenna about 20 feet in the air.

Right - N3EYT running an FT991A at 40 watts out with an Off Center Fed 40 meter antenna about 20 feet in the air.

Operating: KU3X

Operating: N3EYT

Return trip to K-1359 on 5 Sept 2023

NB3R's station running an Icom IC705 at 10 watts out into a resonant 20 foot long 20 meter dipole around 20 feet in the trees.

Spring is just around the corner. I sold one of my FT-991A's and purchased an FT-710. My friend and I also purchased a few bandpass filters. Looking forward to setting up in the spring with three or four stations running at the same time in our little group. As soon as the temp goes above 60 degrees, I am good to go......